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Valdespin still hot, Duda a dud & the Mets lose again

On a day when the Mets banished a disappointing “outfielder” to Buffalo, the team again struggled to score. They managed a grand total of three hits off of Washington Nationals pitching, so I suppose it’s remarkable that they scored two runs.

The Mets should start playing Jordany Valdespin every day so they can get a better idea if he fits in their plans for 2013. (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

Rookie Jordany Valdespin set hit his fifth pinch hit home run of the season, knocking Mark Carreon and Danny Heep out of the Mets’ record book. I think it’s time to see what Valdespin can do as an everyday player – we know what we’ve got with Andres Torres: he’s not very good and he probably doesn’t figure into the plans for 2013.

Now I have my doubts about Valdespin – his defense is a liability, and I worry that he’s going to swing for the fences every at-bat. But maybe I’m wrong, maybe he can be part of the solution for 2013 and beyond.

Beyond that, there was very little to get excited about Tuesday night. The Mets did have a lead for a little while, but it didn’t last. R.A. Dickey has gone back to being the solid but unspectacular pitcher most of us expected him to be this year, and he wasn’t great. But if the offense had done their job, maybe they could have bailed him out. (Probably best they didn’t. Sure, Manny Acosta, Josh Edgin and Ramon Ramirez combined for three scoreless innings – but do you really think they would have managed it if the game was tied or the Mets had a lead?)

The Mets are now three games under .500, 10.5 behind Washington and 6.0 behind in the wild card race. Tonight, the game provided some background noise while I sorted baseball cards. Tomorrow, I’ll miss the Mets while I’m at work… they’re not worth the DVR space the way they’re playing now. Thursday, I’ll tune in for Matt Harvey. After that? Who knows. My weekend will probably be spent at minor league parks, so the Mets will be followed via my phone if at all.


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3 thoughts on “Valdespin still hot, Duda a dud & the Mets lose again

  1. My guess is that Duda, though falling off a bit, was sent down more for accounting purposes than lack of ability. Duda has options and guys like Bay and Torres, who are, on their best days, marginal major leaguers, are long out of options and I think would have to pass through waivers before being sent down.


    1. I disagree. True, Jason Bay and Andres Torres can’t be optioned to Buffalo. Kirk Nieuwenhuis could, and he’s been largely relegated to the bench too. But Nieuwenhuis is still a Met and Duda is a Bison. Also telling are the Mets’ plans to have Duda play first base and left field in Buffalo. That definitely suggests that they’ve given up on him as a viable right fielder.


  2. Duda wasn’t a great outfielder anyway. And it appears that first base will be occupied for a while as the Mets haven’t given up on Ike Davis, leaving him in there even when he couldn’t hit a beach ball.

    And, Nieuwenhuis is probably having the same type of year as Duda, though with fewer homers, though he trades speed for that. And he’s far better defensively than Duda. So, if you had to choose between the two, out goes Duda.

    So, as Davis had first base pretty well to himself as I’m not sure how tradeable he is at the moment, though someone might be looking for a cheap firstbaseman down the stretch, Duda and his glove can be hidden in left field. Or maybe someone is looking for a cheap lefty DH/PH type and Duda will be sent packing before the trade deadline.

    If I had to guess, at least one of the Mets cheap help will be a goner inside of a week for some draft picks and prospects and some more rebuilding.

    The first half was smoke and mirrors, Paul. And I’ve been a Mets fan for a long time (1965), so I’m not talking as some gloating fan of another team. See you the next time they contend–in about 2015 or when the Wilpons disappear.


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