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Newark Bears lose 2 out of 3 in weekend series

The view from the picnic area on Sunday

The Newark Bears lost two out of three to the New Jersey Jackals this weekend. Naturally, I was there on Friday and Sunday when they lost. I was in Trenton on Saturday when they won.

Sunday was my first experience in the picnic area in a couple  of years. The food and company were good, and the game was competitive until near the end. (Most of the group stayed up at the top of the section, at the tables with sun umbrellas, if you’re wondering why the section looks empty in my photo.)

When the Bears come back home next week, they’ll have a new manager – Ken Oberkfell‘s last game is August 2nd. They’ll probably continue their roster makeover too – they added major league veteran infielder D’Angelo Jimenez this weekend, and two new outfielders last week. So far. the player changes haven’t had a big impact on the Bears’ record (currently 20-47, good for a last place tie with Worcester.)


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6 thoughts on “Newark Bears lose 2 out of 3 in weekend series

  1. I was at yesterday’s game. One thing about the crowds at Bears games – no matter how sparse – is that they really vocally support the Bears.

    Haven’t been to a Bears game in over a year and it’s kind of sad to see the slow deterioration of the club and the stadium . I remember during the early Atlantic League years when the Bears always drew at least 2-3,000 a game. Now, they’re averaging around 700. The centerfield American flag is in tatters, the video board doesn’t work. Companies like Hess and Ford no longer advertise on the outfield wall. . There is absolutely no attempt to entertain the fans on the 3rd base side. The restrooms on the 3rd base side have been shut down as well.

    The Bears are charging a 70 cent “tax” on tickets? Bears need to cut ticket prices in half.

    Anybody wonder why the stadium has two home run screens in left? Well, the closer shorter screen was working just fine until Ozzie Canseco joined the Bears. Whether he was on steroids or not, I don’t know…but so many of his home runs cleared landed on the highway that a second screen was needed.


  2. Everyone in the group seemed to enjoy the picnic area yesterday. Price wise it was a bargain. The LI Ducks charge a LOT more for their picnic/suite areas just to get in- you need minimum of 40 people and food is extra. Everyone I spoke to said they would come back next year- I hope I can make it happen.

    JP points out of the obvious negatives we’ve seen; however, at least in Newark I can attend a came and not go bankrupt- unlike any MLB park in the NY area. I’ve gotten to meet several players I remember from my youth and obtain autographs and share memories.

    Three of the people in my group yesterday stopped going to MLB games a long time ago due to the prices. They were able to come yesterday to the picnic I hosted for $29.00 PP- and they got to eat and drink for two hours as did everyone else in my group. $29 doesn’t seem to buy much of anything at the MLB level.

    GO BEARS IN 2013!


  3. Just before yesterday’s game, I drove down Wilson Ave in Newark in an attempt to find the site of Ruppert Stadium, original home of the Newark Bears. I found it (I think) … an industrial area located between Avenues L and K … it’s incredible to think that history is repeating itself as far as Newark Bears baseball is concerned.

    Bears and Eagles Riverfront Stadium is likely to be torn down to make way for some kind of high rise office building. Glad I had the opportunity to experience Newark Bears baseball. Props to Rick Cerone and the current Bears management team for providing me the opportunity to watch a Newark Bears baseball game…just like my parents and grandparents once did


  4. I was at the game on Sun. July 29, 2012. For me the best part of the game was before the game got start Minister Thomas Ellis said a pray with 4 Newark Bears players by the Bears dusout that was cool.

    Newark, N.J. is bless to have Bears baseball. The people in Newark, N.J. do not know or care about they blessing with the Bears. The Newark Bears customer service need to get better. Long-lived baseball in Newark, N.J.


  5. All your comments are greatly appreciated but being a long time Bears fan we all have to realize that having the Bears still around is great, but the ownership they have in place is an embarrassment to professional baseball. The Can Am league should step in an restore what once was a great organization and an awesome place to go watch a game. I had a friend who just got fired from there and he told me that the owner has no respect for anyone or anybody that she comes across. PLEASE CAN AN LEAGUE STEP UP AND TAKE OVER. WE NEED BEARS BASEBALL LIKE IT USE TO BE.


    1. Mike – You have some very good idea. Maybe “Can-AM”league can do with the Newark Bears the samething M.L.B. did with the LA Dodgers. When Rickey Henderson leave the Newark Bears-the team went down.


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