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Ticket prices, Tim Byrdak’s shoulder & more

A pretty sight at Monday night’s Newark Bears game

I barely realized that Tim Byrdak had landed on the disabled list last week while the Mets were playing in California, but it seems all too likely that he has thrown his last pitch of the 2012 season. He has been diagnosed with an anterior capsule tear in his left shoulder, which is the same injury that forced Johan Santana and Chris Young to have season-ending surgery in recent years.

Given Byrdak’s age, I have to wonder if he’d going to try to continue pitching or if he’ll just retire. In either event, I wish him the best.

* * *

The Mets sent out a renewal notice to their season ticketholders and it sure looks like prices are going to go up in 2013. I’d sure like to know what the Wilpon family is thinking – the Mets have not exactly been working on a sellout streak at Citi Field.

* * *

We should get to see the 2013 All-Star Game logo this afternoon. Hopefully whoever designed the logo for Citi Field’s inaugural season was not involved in any way.

* * *

Oh, and I got to see the Newark Bears win a game for the  first time in ages last night. (For the curious, Kansas City T-Bones’ first base coach Frank White does not travel.)


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