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This date in Mets history: Gary Carter hits his 300th home run

Since today is the anniversary of Gary Carter’s 300th home run, I thought I’d repost this photo sent in by a reader last summer.

Photo credit: Bill Durkin (click to enlarge)

Bill sent in a photo from the Aug. 11, 1988 game when Gary Carter hit his 300th career home run. This is from Carter’s second at-bat in the game.

Bill writes:

The camera I took the picture on had the date programmed incorrectly, and as I never paid any attention to that, (back in those days I could have cared less what that date meant and it would provide a source of amusement to family members when looking at Christmas photos dated 12/26, or halloween pics from 11/1, etc.) I never took the time to change it.

If you look very closely at the scoreboard, (much easier to do now that I digitized the picture) you can make out that it says, “Gary Carter, 1 For 1, HOME RUN”.  

The Mets did make a crazy comeback in the 9th inning of that game to steal a win. (I did remember that as being a great game, but we always had fun at Wrigley, regardless of the games outcome)

Here’s a link to the box score from that game.

Does anybody else have any pre-digital era photos that they took while watching Mets games? I’d love to see them & I’d be happy to post them here for others to enjoy. Email

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