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2004 was a long time ago…

In 2004, Derek Lowe started Game 7 of the ALCS and shut down the New York Yankees to send the Boston Red Sox to the World Series – the first they’d won since they sent Babe Ruth to the Bronx.

Last night, he pitched at new Yankee Stadium and earned a four-inning save in his pinstripe debut. It was his first since 2001.

I wonder if Red Sox fans felt the same way I did when I watched David Cone pitch for the Yankees.

One thought on “2004 was a long time ago…

  1. That’s the 5th guy the Yanks signed from the 2004 Red Sox. Mike Myers, Mark Bellhorn, Alan Embree, and Johnny Damon were the others. Who’s next Manny? I sure hope not.

    Hopefully Lowe can contribute. If you have a pulse and throw a ball 60 feet 6 inches- someone will give you a shot.


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