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Fun facts about new Mets catcher Kelly Shoppach

Yesterday, the New York Mets acquired catcher Kelly Shoppach from the Boston Red Sox for a player to be named later.

Oliver Rainbow Sparkles, pet hedgehog of the Shoppach family. (Photo from Kelly Shoppach’s Twitter account.)

Shoppach was hitting .250 with 5 home runs and 17 RBI in 48 games for Boston this year and he has a very respectable  .270 / .364 / .530 career line against left-handed pitchers.

But while the numbers suggest that Shoppach will be a noticeable offensive upgrade over Rob Johnson or Mike Nickeas, it’s hard to be too interested in a backup catcher.

Fortunately, Shoppach is on Twitter (@ShopHouse10), so we’re not left with just a Baseball Reference stats page.

Ok, ok… most of those things aren’t all that interesting either. But you have to admit, Oliver Rainbow Sparkles is precious. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Fun facts about new Mets catcher Kelly Shoppach

  1. What was the point of this transaction? It’s not like the Mets are a 32 year-old backup catcher away from winning 80 games? I mean, the Mets are probably about a half dozen players out from competing in the NL East, quite a few of them in the bullpen, and they get a 32 year-old marginally over the hill guy off the waiver wire to replace two 29 year-old deadbeats who aren’t major league caliber backup catchers. I hope the player to be named later is someone in A-ball who will never see the light of day.


    1. As long as they didn’t give up anyone of value, I see no harm in giving Kelly Shoppach a six-week audition to see if he can fit into the plans for 2013. If he can platoon with Thole (and Sandy Alderson can re-sign him) that’s one less thing to worry about.


  2. Point taken, Paul.

    Though I’m not sure how much the Mets are liable for his contract, if at all, Shoppach was making $1.1 mil this season. My guess is that’ll be either the same or less next year, but not close to the MLB minimum that either Nickeas or Johnson are getting. And, for an organization counting pennies (and, yes, $500,000 in MLB is a relative drop in the bucket), you’d got to wonder about spending an extra 500 grand on an aging backup catcher.


  3. OMG. i am classmates of his daughter, Alex Shoppach. she brought oliver to school one day. and i got to touch him. He is sooooo adorable. And my friends Claudio, Vy, Maggie, and Jacob were like in love with him. Alex Shoppach is such a great friend


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