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Rusty Staub’s 1970 Topps baseball card

Rusty Staub’s 1970 Topps baseball card

Because I just haven’t had enough baseball cards or Montreal Expos stuff on here lately and Rusty Staub is always cool.

The playoffs are still a couple of weeks away, but I’m planning to root for the Expos’ descendant, the Washington Nationals, when they start.

If your team didn’t make it to October this year, who do you plan to root for once the playoffs start?


3 thoughts on “Rusty Staub’s 1970 Topps baseball card

  1. The Nats, definitely. It’s Davey, afterall. We never should have let him go. And, if they make it in, the Orioles. Let’s have a Baltimore/DC Series, eh? Alternatively, howz bout Texas? Then it would be a former DC, now Texas team vs. a now DC, former Montreal team Series (or, as I like to think of it, Senators vs. Senators).


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