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Slate Magazine: “Three Days in the Bullpen”

Judging by the number of you who have emailed me a link to this article, I think that most of my Newark Bears fan readers have already seen it. Still, Slate Magazine’s  wrote a nice overview of life in a professional baseball bullpen based on his experience watching the final series of the Newark Bears’ season from that vantage point; check it out if you haven’t seen it. (The article does contain some NSFW language, FYI)

 I love baseball, defend it from those who call it dull, uninspired. Where others see malaise, I see strategy and fundamentals, the game behind the game. And yet, how to square the bullpen? The apparent and total tedium, so far from home plate. The seemingly endless inactivity, inning after inning. And then the fire drills, the urgency of being needed right now. As former major-leaguer Steve Nicosia once put it, “Unless you’re crazy, life in the bullpen will make you crazy.”

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.