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[PRESS RELEASE] Newark Bears Offer Special “Stadium of Screams” Ticket Discount

The Newark Bears have announced a special pre-sale ticket discount for their haunted attraction—Stadium of Screams—which will open on October 18.

Originally, tickets were three “haunts” for $20. Now, the Bears are offering five haunts for the same price, giving the public an opportunity to experience all five haunted paths in Stadium of Screams for the price of three.

Experience all of the haunts that Stadium of Screams has to offer for a limited-time discounted price!

Original price:
Three haunts for $20

Pre-sale discounted price:
FIVE haunts for $20

Buy your tickets here:

On Monday, the Bears released frightening footage caught on a security camera in the basement of the team’s ballpark.

In its second year, Stadium of Screams is a bone-chilling haunted attraction that features five separate indoor haunts, allowing fans to navigate through the team’s clubhouse, dugouts, luxury suites and other areas of the ballpark. Stadium of Screams will run on the following days: October 18 – 21, 25 – 28 and 31 from 7 p.m. to midnight.


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One thought on “[PRESS RELEASE] Newark Bears Offer Special “Stadium of Screams” Ticket Discount

  1. Can’t fool an old TV guy…

    If you’re going to post video from a “security camera” in the basement and put time code on it, do it right. In North America, it’s 30 frames per second (for example, most of Europe has a different TV standard and is 25 fps–it’s tied in to the electrical rate, 60Hz here, 50 there). So, the last pair of numbers to the right of the colon should be going from 00-29. And I’m not going to get into “drop frame,” because the electrical rate is actually 59.97 Hz.


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