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And so it goes…

It wouldn’t be the off-season without a depressing story about the New York Mets’ projected payroll for 2013.

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Adam Rubin got us started at ESPN New York yesterday.

These six players alone total $79.5 million:

[Johan] Santana $25.5 million + $5.5 million buyout = $31 million
[Jason] Bay $16 million + $3 million buyout = $19 million
David Wright $15 million
Frank Francisco $6.5 million
R.A. Dickey $5 million
Jonathon Niese $3 million

Over at the New York Times, Richard Sandomir wrote that the Mets are seeking help from banks to refinance team and SNY debt.

Under one option, SNY, the team’s lucrative cable network, would refinance its existing $450 million loan and borrow still more toward paying off some of the team’s heavy bank debt and toward other possible purposes, like day-to-day operating expenses or the twice-a-year payments on Citi Field’s bonds. The team’s owners, and their SNY partners, could also get cash dividends from the proceeds.

Two players who likely didn’t figure into the Mets plans for 2013 – relievers Jack Egbert and Garrett Olson – declared free agency after finishing the minor league season, reports.

Yep, it’s shaping up to be another exciting hot stove season for Mets fans… at least we’ve got the playoffs to entertain us for the next few weeks.

My adopted October team, the Washington Nationals, will play their first game in a few hours.


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