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Monday Mets randomness: 1996 Pro Stamps

Chris Martin Enterprises Pro Stamps 1996 New York Mets team set from my collection

I love oddball baseball items, and these New York Mets “stamps” produced in 1996 by Chris Martin Enterprises fit the bill. Released a  few years before self-adhesive stamps became popular with the United States Postal Service, these collectible “stamps” should really be classed as stickers in my opinion.

The Mets were represented by Todd Hundley, Jose Vizcaino, Jeff Kent, Rico Brogna and Bobby Jones. According to the checklist on the back, each of baseball’s 28 teams had its own sheet of five players. (The Phillies’ chosen five were Jim Eisenreich, Gregg Jefferies, Mickey Morandini, Paul Quantrill and Darren Daulton. The selected Yankees were Wade Boggs, Jimmy Key, Paul O’Neill, David Cone and Bernie Williams.)

For $5 or 10 proof of purchase seals, you could join the Pro Stamps Club and receive “a cool membership card, team stamp poster (8.5×11), newsletter and information on how to order other NFL, NHL and NBA team Pro Stamps sets.”

Does anybody remember these?

5 thoughts on “Monday Mets randomness: 1996 Pro Stamps

  1. I’ve never seen these before, but they are typical of the oversaturated graphic design work of that era.

    I always did like the script “New York” batting practice mesh top that Todd Hundley’s wearing. I think it was worn only 1993-94. By 1995 the team switched to the throwback style top that Vizcaino, Brogna and Jones are wearing on the same sticker sheet.


  2. These rank up there with the Pro Mags (the later issues of which, I think were also a Chris Martin Enterprises production) as items I never heard of and only even knew about because they were listed in the Beckett Almanac or Standard Catalog. Where would these have been located in stores? In the stationary/greeting card section?


    1. A very good question. I think I did get them in 1996, but I don’t remember buying them. Odds are good that they were sold somewhere outside the traditional baseball card channels, because I didn’t really collect that much after the 1994 strike.


  3. I don’t remember them or much of the players chosen to represent the Mets. I did get two sets USPS put out this year. No Mets, but nevertheless more recognizable players.


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