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$63* Mets opening day tickets? Not for me

The New York Mets put Opening Day tickets on sale this morning, and a lot of Mets fans experienced a bit of sticker shock.

Your view from the cheap seats at Citi Field (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)As Shannon reports at Mets Police, it would cost a minimum of $63 (before fees) to go to the game on April 1st. And I’d feel like an April Fool to pay that much to watch a baseball game with a view like the one here. Decent seats – in the Promenade Infield or Promenade Box categories – cost $84 (again, before fees.)

Want to be at field level? It’s going to cost $130 to sit in the outfield, or $165 to sit in the cheapest baseline category (once again, before fees.)

Quoting Shannon:

Two tickets, opening day in the uppers (bot not behind home plate) $142.50

Seriously folks, think long and hard if you want to support this one.  Wow.

Ownership’s instinct is clearly telling them to maximize their profits on one of three games that could be a sellout in 2013.

If they can sell all of the seats at these prices, they were right. (How often has Mets ownership been right about anything recently?)

Ten hours later, they still had tickets available in the cheapest category – no instant sellout here.

I think I’m going to skip opening day next year. If the Mets were going to put together a big, splashy off-season like they did before the 2005 season, I’d be more likely to set common sense aside – but it’s just not worth spending that much money to go to a game that I can watch on TV with a better view.

And guys, I hope that you plan to announce new contracts for David Wright and R.A. Dickey soon…

8 thoughts on “$63* Mets opening day tickets? Not for me

  1. To borrow from your Star Trek sub-theme, someone in the Mets’ front office desperately needs a Vulcan neck pinch!


    1. Ha ha. 🙂 They’re being obnoxious, but they have a plan. And nothing short of winning is going to sway a significant portion of fan opinion in a positive direction.


  2. I havent missed an opening day in 20 plus years…i am also thinking of sitting this one out…its not just the price gouging….its more the lack of competitive baseball for the last few years, which followed two years of choke jobs down the stretch. Making matters worse, we are in for another year of bad baseball and will be out of the playoff picture by August. As a Met fan, I know i can go to the second game of the year for half price by grabbing tickets off stub hub…no desire to give the Wilpons my money for the privilege of sitting in the upper deck on opening day.


    1. It’s bad PR now, but it will be forgotten by spring training. They’ll put 38,000-40,000 people in the seats & end up donating the rest to charity so they can claim a sellout. It’s pretty crappy to take tickets that cost $56 on Opening Day 2012 and turn them into $130 seats for Opening Day 2013, but it’s business. Just don’t expect me to pay those prices.


  3. No way!…I bet they don’t sell out!…it’s a lousy Mets team….and a crappy Padres team….one game is meaningless for this team….go to game 2’for 5 bucks.

    If you go to opening day and pay those prices, you are saying its ok to put a crappy team out there.

    I don’t even want to $10 for a spring training ticket to watch this train wreck!


    1. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be watching Opening Day on TV and picking another game to call my Opening Day. I wasn’t expecting big things this off-season, but surely it wasn’t too much to expect a free agent outfielder like Cody Ross, a reliever or two, and less fuss over keeping players the Mets already had…


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