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Gavin Floyd provides a blast from the past

One of the nice things about collecting autographs through the mail is the chance of finding a surprise in among the junk mail & bills when you check your mailbox.

It looks like Chicago White Sox pitcher Gavin Floyd has found a box of old fan mail and is trying to catch up with it this offseason.

The day before Thanksgiving, I got an envelope in the mail with a 37-cent stamp and three 3-cent stamps on it, addressed in my handwriting. Inside, a signed Gavin Floyd 2005 Topps Heritage card.

I had written to him on April 15, 2005 and 2,777 days later, I got a response. (According to the information I’ve uploaded at SportsCollectors.Net, that beats my previous documented record – 1,175 days between 2002 and 2005 for Jay Bell)

It’s pretty cool of Floyd to spend some time this fall going through old letters, I think.

When I wrote to him, Floyd was a rookie with the Philadelphia Phillies – a team that I really didn’t have much of a reason to dislike yet. The number four overall draft choice of 2001 had pitched in a grand total of seven major league games (he’d make his eighth appearance and suffer his first major league loss the day I mailed my letter.)

Floyd never really found a home with the Phillies, and they packaged him with Gio Gonzalez to acquire Freddy Garcia from Chicago in December 2006. In the American League, Floyd had a 17-8 season for the 2008 White Sox and he’s been a solid starter during his six years there.

Scary how many quality pitchers have come through Philadelphia in recent years, isn’t it?

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