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Minor League Monday: 2012 Reading Phillies (1st) team set

Autographed Darin Ruf 2012 Reading Phillies card from my collection
Autographed Darin Ruf 2012 Reading Phillies card from my collection

The Reading Phillies put together a 76-66 record under manager Dusty Wathan in 2012. They made the playoffs, but lost to the Trenton Thunder in the first round. They are the Double-A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies, a relationship that has existed since 1967. (They will play as the Reading Fightin Phils starting in 2013 for reasons known only to the team’s ownership and executives.)

The Reading Phillies are one of the few teams in recent memory that produced two full team sets to sell in the same year. The later set is still available from the team. I suppose I should try to pick one up, but at this point I may just wait and see if they mark them down next year.

The first set, made by MultiAd Sports, includes 31 cards and I was able to get 16 of them signed before or after games between the R-Phils and Thunder in Trenton this season.

Tyler Cloyd's 2012 Reading Phillies baseball card
Tyler Cloyd’s 2012 Reading Phillies baseball card

The fronts are printed in full color and have a glossy finish. The backs are printed using black and red ink and include stats, biographical information and a smaller version of the photo on the front.

The photos are all game action shots, and could really use some more variety. At least three quarters of the pitchers are shown at the top of their delivery, the rest are shown in their windup or follow-through. Eastern League teams don’t use the DH if two National League affiliates play each other, so why not a shot of a pitcher bunting? Fielding? Why not look for some candid photos of players goofing off in the dugout? (I suspect the answer has to do with time, but it’s something I wish that more team officials putting together card sets would think about.)

Three of the players in this team set went on to play for the 2012 Philadelphia Phillies: Tyler CloydSteven Lerud and Darin Ruf. In addition, four of the Philadelphia Phillies top 10 prospects (as named by Baseball America) are featured: Trevor May (#1), Sebastian Valle (#3), Jonathan Pettibone (#4) and Jiwan James (#9).

Autographed Trevor May 2012 Reading Phillies card from my collection
Autographed Trevor May 2012 Reading Phillies card from my collection

Here’s the full checklist:

  1. Sebastian Valle – C
  2. Miguel Abrea – IF
  3. Lisalberto Bonilla – P
  4. David Buchanan – P
  5. Leandro Castro – OF
  6. Michael Cisco – P
  7. Tyler Cloyd – P
  8. Justin Friend – P
  9. Frank Gailey – P
  10. Tyson Gillies – OF
  11. Troy Hanzawa – IF
  12. Cesar Hernandez – IF
  13. Tug Hulett – IF
  14. Jiwan James – OF
  15. Tim Kennelly – INF/OF
  16. Steve Lerud – C
  17. Juan Morillo – P
  18. Drew Naylor – P
  19. The back of Sebastian Valle's 2012 Reading Phillies baseball card
    The back of Sebastian Valle’s 2012 Reading Phillies baseball card
  20. Jon Pettibone – P
  21. J.C. Ramirez – P
  22. Julio Rodriguez – P
  23. Darin Ruf – IF
  24. Michael Spidale – OF
  25. Steve Susdorf – OF
  26. Jordan Whatcott – P
  27. Dusty Wathan – MGR
  28. Frank Cacciatore – Coach
  29. Bob Milack – Coach
  30. Jonathan May – Trainer
  31. Justin Miloszweski – Coach
  32. Trevor May – P

The 2012 Reading Phillies (first) team set is available from STB Sports for $11.95 and may be available from Lake Country Minors for $11.75, though you should confirm which version you’d be getting before placing your order.


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