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And the R.A. Dickey watch nears an end…

R.A. Dickey pitches at Citi Field in May 2012 (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)
R.A. Dickey will be a Toronto Blue Jay in 2013, unless an unforeseen snag develops in the proposed trade. (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

Though a potential trade between the Mets and Blue Jays that would ship R.A. Dickey to Toronto for a package of minor league prospects is much closer to fruition that it was Friday, it still depends on whether Dickey will sign a contract extension with the Blue Jays and whether the players involved pass a physical.

We’re not even sure who all of the players are who would be involved in the deal.

So, I think I’m going to wait to see what happens before offering any more thoughts about it.

But I am considering a visit or two to Yankee Stadium next year to see the Blue Jays.

2 thoughts on “And the R.A. Dickey watch nears an end…

  1. I loved watching Dickey pitch this year and I really like Thole, despite being in the minority of Mets fans there. At least we can still root for both of them to help bury the Yankees!


  2. I, personally, hope Dickey refuses to sign with Toronto. Unless the Jays are doubling the Mets offer to him, Dickey’s salary will evaporate in the two sets of taxes he’ll have to pay. For the Mets, its a salary dump and nothing more. Buck is 32 (33 in July) and hit all of .192 last year. The much younger Thole hit .234. Syndergaard has never pitched above Class A, where he’s relied solely on his fastball because his other pitches suck; expect him to blow out his arm in 5…4…3…2… D’Arnaud is a terrible catcher with bad knees already. Meanwhile, the Mets were unable or unwilling to pay a Cy Young award winner less than what Ryan Dempster got. Let’s see. Dempster has a combined ERA over 4 for the last three seasons. Dickey’s ERA over the last three years is 2.95. Dickey has gone 39-28 with a bottom feeder club in those 3 years. And Dempster got half a mil more for his two year deal than Dickey was even asking. This after the Mets signed Wright to one of the richest contracts in baseball. Either you trade both or keep both, but you don’t keep one with a boatload of cash and then plead poverty with the other. I think the person who should be most unhappy if Dickey signs would be Wright. Trading Dickey says the Mets aren’t even going to try to compete for the life of his deal.


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