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Johan Santana & the World Baseball Classic

Johan Santana wants to pitch for Venezuela in the World Baseball Classic, his friends tell ESPN New York.

Johan Santana's 2008 Topps World Baseball Classic insert card
Johan Santana’s 2008 Topps World Baseball Classic insert card

Never mind that he last pitched on August 17th, 2012 and finished the season on the disabled list.

Never mind that Santana has thrown a grand total of 117 major league innings since the end of the 2010 season.

Santana wants to represent his country in Bud Selig‘s grand global marketing event, and Venezuela GM Carlos Miguel Oropeza tells  El Nacional newspaper, “The case of Santana is vital for us.”

It doesn’t seem like a particularly good idea from the perspective of a Mets fan who wants to see Santana pitch for the Mets this summer.

The Mets owners might be able to see an advantage, though.  According to Adam Rubin’s article:

The WBC has to insure the contracts of all players who participate, so that a major league team does not end up having to pay the regular-season salary of a player unavailable because he was injured during the tournament.

Kind of a morbid thought, but I can imagine cash-strapped owners seeing the potential for getting off the hook for some or all of the $25.5 million owed to Santana if something does happen while he’s pitching in the tournament.

We’ll have to wait to see if Santana gets cleared to pitch for his home country, or if he stays in Port St. Lucie with most of the rest of his Mets teammates. I know which way I’m rooting for things to go.

In other news, Ike Davis settled with the Mets for a $3.125 million in 2013, according to ESPN New York. According to Baseball Reference’s incomplete data, Ike’s dad Ron earned $2.635 million during his 11-year major league career that lasted from 1978-1988. Times have changed.

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  1. My immediate reaction was “Eh, let him play… He’s gone after 2013 anyway”. Then I read the comment about the insurance, and I went “Hmmmmm”.

    I guess on some level I expect him to get hurt sooner or later anyway.


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