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Mets get Marcum

baseballsThe Mets finally made a splash in the free agent market this morning, agreeing to terms with pitcher Shaun Marcum on a one-year contract.

Marcum will help fill the void left the trade of R.A. Dickey, and he should save me from having to watch Jenrry Mejia take 100 pitches to get through five innings (assuming everyone else is healthy.)

More important, Marcum eliminates the need to rush Zack Wheeler to the major leagues, which could also have caused a domino effect with other minor league starters being pushed to higher levels before they were ready.

In a perfect world, Sandy Alderson will be able to trade Marcum for a prospect this summer when Wheeler forces the Mets to promote him by dominating Triple-A.

Of course, we don’t live in a perfect world. The Braves have completed a trade that will bring Justin Upton to Atlanta to join an outfield that includes his brother B.J. and Jason Heyward, quite a formidable group. Atlanta would also acquire third baseman Chris Johnson, who would help fill the gap left by Chipper Jones‘ retirement.

Arizona gets Martin Prado, starter Randall Delgado and three minor league prospects – not a bad haul for a player they seemed desperate to unload, but definitely a package the Braves could afford to give up.

For the next year or two, it looks like the National League East will be a battle between Atlanta and the Washington Nationals, with the Phillies, Mets and Marlins trying to figure out where they fit in.

But on the bright side, spring training is less than three weeks away and that means baseball will soon be returning to our television screens.



Level 41 neutral good wizard. Live long and prosper. May the Force be with you. Let's go Mets!

6 thoughts on “Mets get Marcum

  1. This is certainly good news for the Mets. As for the Braves landing Justin Upton, in the words of Doc Holliday in “Tombstone,” when referring to Johnny Ringo, “Now I really hate ’em.”


  2. I hope they stock the farm with major league ready arms. I can see probably 4 of our five starters spending significant time on the DL. As for Justin Upton, he’s never impressed me. I think the Braves just guaranteed the Nationals the division with that trade. Not that they gave up anything significant, but I’d rather go inrto the season with our lame outfield than starting that mediocre malcontent on a daily basis. Every year, in fantasy ball, they rank JU as a first round talent. Every draft, he drops to about the fifth round and, since I tend to draft on so-called “value”, I end up with him. And, every year, he sucks canal water so bad that he doesn’t even justify a fifth round pick I waste on him.


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