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A baseball card collecting dilemma…

I don’t like mini baseball cards. It’s tough to find the appropriate pages to display them and the text is tough enough to decipher on the regular-sized ones.

But the 1972 Topps set is my favorite of the decade, and one of my favorites period.

When I pulled R.A. Dickey‘s mini card out of my first pack of the year, I figure I’d be done with them until Topps Series II comes out – he’s the only Met on the checklist for Series I.

R.A. Dickey's 1972-style mini card insert
R.A. Dickey’s 1972-style mini card insert

Then I pulled Cal Ripken Jr.‘s mini card out of my second pack.

Cal Ripken Jr.'s 1972-style mini insert
Cal Ripken Jr.’s 1972-style mini insert

Willie Mays‘ mini card came out of pack number three. I’m tempted to complain that Mays has a real 1972 Topps card, but it’s Willie Mays. (Besides, this photo is better.)

Willie May's 1972-style mini insert
Willie Mays’ 1972-style mini insert

And yeah, now I’m really tempted to try to get the other 47. I’d ask if anyone has any that they don’t want, but I’m not really organized enough to trade.


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6 thoughts on “A baseball card collecting dilemma…

  1. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that you can find the full mini set already assembled on eBay or at card shows. I’m not sure what they’re selling for at the moment, but, in a few months they’ll be relatively cheap (unless there are short prints, which I know Topps loves, though I can’t stand them).

    I didn’t much care for the 72 design, at the time. I liked the 60s designs. Of course, that was when I was collecting and growing up. The 72s felt too busy and distracting to me. In retrospect, it is the most unique Topps design ever. So there’s that.

    I bought my first pack in 1964. The first card in my very first pack was smiling Jack Fisher and I was forever more in love with baseball cards. With the exception of ’68, I loved every design through the black bordered 71s. So, me, I’m stoked for Heritage because they are just now getting to all of my favorite designs.


    1. (I fixed your split comment – don’t know why that happened)

      Looks like the going rate is somewhere between $20 & $30 right now, but where’s the fun in buying them all at once?

      I used to feel the same way about the 1972 design, but it’s grown on me a lot since I got back into card collecting about 10 years ago.

      I like most of the 1960s designs, with 1967 & 1969 being particular favorites. Can’t say I share your enthusiasm for those black-bordered 1971s, though.


    1. Thanks – I’m going to give it a shot, but if I manage it I’ll probably resort to the eBay casebreakers for Series 2.

      Topps may as well go for the 1972 design – it’s a better choice than those 1987 minis were last year. I still don’t see why people love mini cards in general, though.


  2. I was nine years old when the 1972 cards hit the shelves. My 11-y.o. older brother was more of a collector then than I was. But, I recall the design being too gaudy for my tastes then. I appreciated much more the simple 1973 design that deferred to, rather than competed with, the photography. Note that the player’s position was/is also absent from the 1972 card front.

    Having said that, I’ve grown to appreciate the Peter Max-influenced graphic design of the 1972 set over the years. I dunno if Topps created a 2013 Willie Mays mini-Mets card to go along with the 2013 Giants Mini, but it would be appropriate, since no 1972 card depicting Mays as a Met ever appeared. An official 2013 Rusty Staub Mini in the 1972 design format would be nice, too, for the same reason.


    1. A Mets Willie Mays card would have made more sense, but he just has the Giants card in Series I. I don’t remember if the 1972 minis continue in Series II, but they probably do – maybe he’ll get one then. I doubt we’ll be seeing Rusty Staub, though. I don’t think he’s in Topps’ stable of retired players that they’ve agreed to contracts with.


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