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Winter’s still here, but baseball is on its way back

BaseballThe northeast is facing a major snowstorm today, but in Florida it’s beginning to look a lot like baseball. (Don’t believe me? Check out Michael Baron‘s photos from the Mets’ voluntary workout in Port St. Lucie yesterday.)

If you’re looking for a project while you’re stuck inside this weekend, why not try writing to some of your favorite players to see if they’ll sign your baseball cards for you? Check out my guide if you need the Mets’ spring training camp address or tips on what to send.

Whatever you end up doing, please be safe. Don’t travel unless you have to, and don’t overdo it shoveling snow.



Star Wars fan, NY Mets enthusiast, toy collector & amateur gardener. I like to take pictures & write things.

3 thoughts on “Winter’s still here, but baseball is on its way back

    1. I’m jealous. I didn’t see an official total, but we “lucked out” with about 8 inches or so. On the news & via Twitter, I saw plenty of reports of people getting stuck with a lot more.


  1. Oops, I meant “overdo” the shoveling. Funny what your mind will let you type after a trip to the local library.
    My aunt up in Gorham, Maine got 31 inches of snow! Even for Maine, that’s just nuts.


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