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So, about that Mets closer job…

Who had February 12th in the pool for the date that the first significant Mets injury news would break?

Bobby Parnell
Robert Parnell will get another chance to be the Mets’ closer thanks to Frank Francisco’s lingering elbow issues. (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

Would-be closer Frank Francisco will not be pitching anytime soon – he’s bothered by elbow inflammation that’s a lingering issue from the bone spur that brought an early end to his 2012 season.

When asked how close to 100 percent he felt, Frank Franc told reporters:

“I’m at zero right now,” he said, smiling. “I’m at level zero.”

Funny, that’s about where my confidence level is in you, Frank Franc.

In the meantime, Terry Collins says that Bobby Parnell is going to open the season as the Mets’ closer.

I suppose this is good news, in a way. If we’re going to have to stress about whether the closer can actually convert save opportunities, better to find out once and for all if Parnell is cut out for the job.

I really can’t believe I thought there would be a bunch of “player x is in the best shape of his life” stories coming out of Mets camp.



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4 thoughts on “So, about that Mets closer job…

  1. Its hard being a Mets fan, your season is over before it even starts. We do have a core of good young players and I wish them well and hope all us Mets fans enjoy the 2013 baseball season.


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