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Odds & Ends: Own the Newark Bears for a day, buy Trenton Thunder 20th season merchandise & see who’s managing the Brooklyn Cyclones in 2013

A night game at Bears & Eagles Riverfront Stadium {Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)
A night game at Bears & Eagles Riverfront Stadium {Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

The Newark Bears are offering some fans the chance to be “team owner for a day” if they win a contest, according to an email they sent out last week.

The Bears are looking for sharp, business-savvy, creative individuals (and perhaps, future baseball executives) that will help us pack Bears & Eagles Riverfront Stadium! Work hand-in-hand with the Bears’ front office and plan a game at our ballpark YOUR way….

Applicants must provide: Full name, company name (if applies), mailing address, phone number, email address, website(s) and social media site(s), full DOB, a recent head shot, resume, prepare a brief description of why you think you would be the best owner of the day (200 words or less) and a brief projected outline of how you would plan your special day if chosen.  Deadline for submissions is March 11, 2013 at 12 p.m. All required information must be properly submitted within one email.

To apply or ask for more information, email It seems like it’s going to be The Apprentice without Donald Trump and the television cameras instead of the typical baseball contest. Good luck to anyone who decides to enter.

The Bears also plan to hold a press conference to formally announce Garry Templeteon as the team’s manager for 2013 this week.

The scoreboard at MCU Park
The scoreboard at MCU Park (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

In other recent news about local teams:

  • The Brooklyn Cyclones announced that their 2012 coaching staff will return intact in 2013. Rich Donnelly will manage the club, with Marc Valdes serving as pitching coach and Bobby Malek handling the hitting coach duties. Speaking as someone who just goes to one or two Cyclones games per year, I miss the days when someone like Wally Backman or Frank Viola was on the coaching staff.
  • The Trenton Thunder has some new 20th Season merchandise in their online store. I’m hoping there will be some caps and/or pins by the time the season begins.

7 thoughts on “Odds & Ends: Own the Newark Bears for a day, buy Trenton Thunder 20th season merchandise & see who’s managing the Brooklyn Cyclones in 2013

  1. Wait until 2014 to buy the Thunder merchandise. There will be plenty left over.

    In 2010 the Eagles celebrated the 50th anniversary of their last NFL Championship and they sold 1960 style jerseys. I bought mine for half price in 2011,

    Hey Paul maybe you, Vinny, and I should enter the contest- losers buy the winner dinner in Reading.

    They’re having a Gregg Leg bobblehead night in Scranton on April 6. You could get the bobblehead and bring it to Lakewood for him to sign.


    1. Trenton rarely marks down their merchandise, so if you see something that’s a must-have, it’s better to just pick it up. For me, unless they do a new run of their original caps, I don’t think there will be any must-haves.

      My head just is not in the right place to put together any kind of a decent entry for the Bears contest & follow through with it.


  2. Paul,

    I might give that Newark owner for a day thing a shot.

    After the comments in that Star Ledger article back in July, 2011, a few of them mine, Danielle might do everything possible to keep me away. 🙂


  3. That’s a great promotion by Newark. I think that the Hickory Crawdads are doing something similar with a ‘GM for the Day’ promo, but instead of winning it, you just pay for it. That would be a great experience for any Bears fan, though.


    1. Bob,

      As a goof, I put in for it.

      I didn’t give away much of what I want to do except that they’d better be prepared to do some advertising because, if you want something for nothing, you’ll get exactly what you pay for. The reason why I didn’t give away much is that I don’t want to give them free ideas. At the least, they’d have to give me my shot before they get them.

      At this point, the deadline is about a week out, so I have yet to hear from them. Seeing that I wrote some accurate but not so nice comments to Star Ledger articles of nearly two years ago and which Danielle commented on, it wouldn’t surprise me if they want nothing to do with me. But I’d hope Danielle would have the courtesy of saying “no.”

      Looks like Danielle and the doc are looking for all the help they can find as they’ve lost one-third of an already bad business between ’11 & ’12 (a little under a thousand to six hundred and change). AC went two and out after dropping from the Atlantic to the Can-Am and Nashua went four and out. The Bears are at year three.

      “I hear the train a-comin’…”


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