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Three Links For Thursday, March 7


New Autographs:

With the late start to the NHL season this year, I got back into hockey for the first time in about 15 years. Amazingly enough, a few guys I remember are still playing. I wrote to a few guys on the local teams to see if I could get autographs, which is a challenge because it looks like the Islanders are the only one of the three teams that passes fan mail on to the players. I was able to find home addresses for a couple of the Devils, which is the team I’m actually rooting for. I’ve yet to hear from any of the Rangers, and I don’t expect to.

Travis-Zajac Mark-Streit

Keith-Aucoin Casey-Cizikas

Non-baseball Link:

Former Rutgers Scarlet Knights football stars Jawan Jamison and Khaseem Greene will meet New Jersey football fans at RedZone in Sayreville on Thursday, March 14. The two players are expected to be chosen in this year’s NFL Draft. Autographs are $20, or $30 for both players.



Level 41 neutral good wizard. Live long and prosper. May the Force be with you. Let's go Mets!

2 thoughts on “Three Links For Thursday, March 7

  1. Here’s a link I think you should have included. Steve Sypa at Amazin’ Avenue agrees with me that the Mets should put Matt Den Dekker in centerfield to start the season…at least while Capt. Kirk recouperates. So he can’t hit and strikes out a lot. So what? With that glove, he immediately becomes the second or third best player on the field and one of the most exciting. Not like we’re going anywhere anyway. Young pitchers need to be babied and brought along slow. Position players, on the other hand, can and should be pushed; throw them in the fire and see if they get hot.

    “That said, if he makes the team, I’m not going to sweat all of the strikeouts, the lack of walks, and a batting line that probably will be pedestrian. The team has gotten by — and even thrived — with similar players. At this point, I am throwing my hands up and saying, ‘Bring on MDD!’ Let’s see if den Dekker can contribute in a positive way. What’s the worst that can happen? With an outfield of Lucas Duda and a variety of unproven AAAA players, converted infielder-to-outfielder projects, veterans looking for one last hurrah, and various other ne’er-do-wells, we sure as hell could use the defense.”


    1. I have barely been online for the past three days.

      Somebody has to play centerfield, and since Sandy Alderson didn’t bother getting any major league outfielders, I see little harm in letting Matt den Dekker at least share the job with Collin Cowgill.


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