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Three Opening Day scorecards

Every team has at least one game in the books now. I caught three major league Opening Day games this year, two on TV and one at the ballpark. Here are my scorecards.

First up, ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball broadcast of the Houston Astros’ first official game as an American League team. I was happy, if a little surprised, to see the Astros get the better of their new division rival in this first meeting.Astros-front


Next up, the Mets’ opener at Citi Field. My scorecard did not really hold up well to Bud Black‘s double switches (and thanks to some batting order changes, I ended up resorting to correction tape before the game started.) I think I’ll be heading back to the drawing board, though I do like this scorecard design for DH leagues.



Finally, I caught R.A. Dickey’s first start with the Blue Jays via the free preview of MLB’s Extra Innings package. It didn’t go quite the way I hoped that it would. Does anybody know what the record is for number of passed balls on Opening Day?





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2 thoughts on “Three Opening Day scorecards

  1. The Blue Jays are idiots for farming out Thole. With what they invested in Dickey, it would have been worth it for them to sacrifice a bat once every five games. And its not as if they’re carrying a future Hall of Famer as their number two. Thole was passed over for Henry Blanco? Really? Idiots!


    1. I was very surprised that the Blue Jays started J.P. Arencibia last night after collecting three former Mets catchers that had experience with R.A. Dickey’s knuckleball. But what do I know?


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