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Assorted sleep-deprived observations on the New York Mets

The Mets dropped two out of three to the Philadelphia Phillies this week and showed why their fans should make every effort to watch the games that Matt Harvey and Jonathon Niese pitch.

Dillon Gee, Jeremy Heffner and Aaron Laffey don’t exactly inspire a lot of confidence, do they? Finishing with a .500 record in 2013 could prove to be too lofty a goal if they continue to pitch like they did this week.

John Buck, five home runs through nine games… who’d have guessed it? Can he keep up his good run long enough to represent the Mets at the All-Star Game? Stranger things have happened.

I’m a little disappointed that the Mets are missing Mike Pelfrey when they play the Minnesota Twins this weekend, but let’s face it – if he pitched against his old team, he’d probably end up throwing a no-hitter or something just to be contrary.

And just because they’ve been sitting in my scans folder since sometime last year, here’s a baseball card from 1975 showing a very young Gary Carter as a Montreal Expo.

Gary-Carter-1975 Gary-Carter-1975-back



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6 thoughts on “Assorted sleep-deprived observations on the New York Mets

      1. The difference between Valdespin and Murphy is that the former is in his 1st full year in the Big Leagues; the latter is in his 5th year. The judgment of opponents’ abilities, and quick assessments of in-game situations should be set by now for Murph. But they aren’t, and that’s a concern.

        In my opinion, Murphy must hit a solid .330+ to cancel out the runs he surrenders as a defensive player and as a baserunner. Sheesh.


      2. Murphy has hit enough so far this year that I’m willing to overlook a baserunning error… and I’ve already accepted his fielding shortcomings. (Much the same as it’s not fair to get upset when Lucas Duda doesn’t get to a ball hit to left field – he’s doing the best he can as a DH forced to play the field.) Jordany Valdespin still drives me crazy because he has all of the athletic talent anyone could want, but he has zero baseball sense.

        I really wish the Mets had some more talented options to turn to sometimes, though.


  1. I have no doubt Matt Harvey will continue to be exceptional–only more so with experience–so long as he can avoid injury. Always thought he’d be. Although I thought Niese would have a breakout season last year (and grabbed him for my fantasy squads and was rewarded…couldn’t get him this year because he was so good last year), he nonetheless continues to surprise me with just how good he has gotten. I can honestly say that, when he was coming up, I did not see that coming.


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