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Recent collection additions & the week ahead

I’m not quite sure when this became a “once a week” blog, but that’s kind of where we are now.

I expect to get to a couple of baseball games this week. I’m going to one of the games between the Toronto Blue Jays and New York Yankees at the House of Evil – I’d agreed to go back before Jose Reyes got hurt and when I hoped that R.A. Dickey might pitch. Unfortunately, Dickey’s not in line to start the game I’m going to see.

I also expect to make my first trip to Trenton next weekend to see the Thunder and the Portland Sea Dogs.  Hopefully I’ll manage to blog about one or both of the games, but I should at least manage to post a few pictures to my Flickr account.

I’d also like to see Matt Harvey face the Dodgers on Wednesday, but I don’t know that time and money will allow it.

I added one new card to my Mets autograph collection last week, a signed Tim Byrdak 2012 Topps Update card, his first that shows him as a Met. It came back postmarked from Florida, where Byrdak is continuing to rehab from shoulder surgery. Hopefully he will be able to return to the Mets bullpen this year.

Signed Tim Byrdak 2012 Topps Update card from my collection
Signed Tim Byrdak 2012 Topps Update card from my collection

Next, a few vintage high-number cards for my Topps Mets team set collection. One day, I hope to have a copy of every Topps base set Mets card ever printed… but due to time and money constraints, I don’t see it happening any time soon.

Al Weis' 1971 Topps baseball card
Al Weis’ 1971 Topps baseball card

I purchased this Al Weis card from Kolius Collectibles at this month’s Rahway baseball card show. I think I bought the next two 1967 Topps cards from him too, but I don’t quite remember – I just grabbed them to scan since I hadn’t put them away yet.

Sandy-Alomar Jerry-Buchek

Until next time (whenever that may be), happy card collecting and let’s go Mets!

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  1. Paul- Would you mind sharing the address where you got Byrdak to sign from? I’m assuming maybe it’s the Mets ST facility.


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