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Photos from Mets Banner Day 2013

Well, the less said about this weekend’s Mets games, the better. But I do want to share photos of some of my favorite Banner Day entries:

Winning Banner

This was the winning entry in the Banner Day contest. It’s a simple, well-crafted and well-executed idea – the home run apple even raises and lowers – but I thought that the other finalists (and some that didn’t make it to that stage) showed more cleverness.

All-Star Express

This was my favorite among the finalists – how can you not like a banner than includes the 7 train, Mr. Met and Mettle the Mule?

Night Before Harvey Day

Finalist number three, one of several clever banners with a Matt Harvey theme.

Harvey Is Real

Another Matt Harvey banner (Wikipedia is your friend if you don’t recognize the reference)

Proud Exciting Mets

David Wright featured prominently in quite a few banners, though I’m not sure if “Proud. Exciting. Mets.” are words that really have anything to do with each other.

Wright Banner Day 2013

Another David Wright banner.

Byrd's Perch

Marlon Byrd found a few more fans than I expected. I liked these guys and their crazy masks.


Daniel Murphy’s batting average may be dipping, but he still has his fans.

Still Like Ike

Believe it or not, some people still like Ike too.

Dreams Can Come True

Many banners had a hopeful theme.

Prospecting For Wins

I wish Mr. Met had unearthed a few more nuggets on this one.

Pretend Its A Plan

This one resonated with me more than most of the banners did. Media Goon explained his rationale for it at Mets Police. Like him, I want to believe that there’s a plan to make the Mets into a good team again.

He writes:

If you guys watch Dr. Who at all, he tends to fly by the seat of his pants and always is looking like he doesn’t have a plan and at the last minute something comes together. You then realize he kind of had the outcome planned all along. The Mets make me feel like that right now. Everything is topsy turvy and wacky, but hopefully they have that plan in place that will make everything okay.

Pirate Invaders

These guys are probably the only ones who marched on the field that actually enjoyed the outcome of the game.

All Star Fans

And the actual Mets came out to thank their “All-Star fans” for putting up with them.

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  1. Thanks Paul! I wanted to see more of the banners and seemed to only find the winner on other websites. (Of course we could expect you to be the one to offer the most coverage!) Appreciate your continued work. -Lee


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