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Ike Davis and his latest tale of woe

Ike Davis
(Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

“Everything that can go wrong for me right now is going wrong.”

Ike Davis, responding to reporters who asked about a ninth inning fielding play which helped the Reds send the Mets to their latest defeat.

Way to take responsibility, Ike. Does anybody other than Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins still think that Davis is going to work through his troubles at the major league level?

I hope the extra few days are only needed to gain a “better understanding” of the alternatives to Davis at first base.

2 thoughts on “Ike Davis and his latest tale of woe

  1. Said it before and I’ll say it again. I still like Ike and, if it were my club, I’d be sticking with him. He had a poor first half last year, too, and yet finished with numbers most first basemen would kill for. Go ahead. Get impatient with him (as if the Mets are going anywhere in the next couple of years) and you’ll have your next Nolan Ryan–a guy who will blast 30-40 home runs a year traded for a couple of spare parts that will never be anything anywhere any time. Go ahead. But I don’t want to hear, five years from now, how the Mets blew it…because its the FANS that are causing this problem.


    1. I’m not ready to completely give up on Ike Davis, but I don’t see Hall of Fame talent there, either. He needs to go to the minor leagues and work on his swing (and hitting approach) away from all of the media attention and fan hostility he’s getting in New York.


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