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Shaun Marcum’s first Mets baseball card

Since it seems unkind to leave my last Ike Davis post at the top of the page after he got the big hit to break the Mets’ latest losing streak, here’s a look at Shaun Marcum‘s first baseball card that shows him in a Mets uniform. It’s from the Bowman set that came out earlier this month.

Shaun Marcum's 2013 Bowman baseball card
Shaun Marcum’s 2013 Bowman baseball card
The back of Shaun Marcum's 2013 Bowman baseball card
The back of Shaun Marcum’s 2013 Bowman baseball card

I’d also  like to thank MJ for hooking me up with the basic Mets team set from Bowman this year.

2 thoughts on “Shaun Marcum’s first Mets baseball card

  1. Nice card. I have some Bowman cards from over 20 years ago.

    Went to SWB yesterday. They fixed the numbers on the seats.

    The staff has been much better to deal with under the new regime. They let me put my autographed items in the car before the game got started.

    Neil Allen signed 3 cards for me. Rich Thompson- the Greg Legg of Lehigh Valley signed one of my seatbacks from the old PNC Field. He actually remembered it from the upper deck as he played there as a visitor as well as when he was in high school. Thompson is now with Durham. He must have hated the Astroturf.

    Shelly Duncan wouldn’t sign for anyone. One of the locals said Jesus Montero was a pain about signing as well. Maybe they can be teammates in Somerset when their careers go the route of David Caruso after he left NYPD Blue. After all they’re both in AAA now.

    Wait until you see the renovated park. They did a great job.


    1. I remember when Topps relaunched the Bowman brand with that first, odd-sized set in 1989.

      Nice to hear that those older guys are still willing autograph signers. I suspect that Shelley Duncan might be bitter about where his career has taken him… I would not be surprised if his next stop is the Atlantic League.

      Jesus Montero was not good about signing autographs during most of his time in Trenton when he was on the way up, so I’m not really surprised that he’s reluctant to pick up a pen now that he’s back in the minor leagues.


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