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Alderson suggests more changes are coming, but how about some wins?


Sandy Alderson took to the airwaves on Monday to discuss the state of the Mets, and ended up trying to defuse speculation that Terry Collins is in danger of being fired.

Ike Davis was supposed to be one of the Mets "core players"(Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)
Ike Davis is still supposed to be one of the Mets “core players” according to Sandy Alderson (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

This, less than 24 hours after Alderson finally began to face reality by demoting Ike Davissupposedly a “core” player – for his complete inability to play baseball during the first third of the season.

Among batting title qualifiers, Davis has the third worst on base percentage in the major leagues -.242. Slugging percentage? Second worst – .258. Davis is near the top of the list in another category, though – strikeouts. He’s 14th with 66 in 186 at-bats, and most of the people ahead of him have more at-bats.

But ok, sure, maybe Davis will figure things out in Las Vegas. Who else is part of the Mets’ core? David Wright and Matt Harvey, presumably. If we’re lucky, Travis d’Arnaud and Zack Wheeler when they get here. I’m not seeing a group like the Evil Empire’s “Core Four” that included at least two future Hall of Famers – not yet, anyway.

Alderson claims that he’s got some flexibility to add payroll, but I see little reason to believe him on that point until he backs it up with actions.

If I’m parsing his lawyer-speak correctly, the Mets GM recognizes the time for unlimited patience has passed.

“We are entering a phase where we might be drawing more conclusions than we have previously and are we are prepared to more actively manage our roster based on evaluations as they continue and ultimately culminate,” Alderson said to Daily News reporter Kristie Ackert.

Let’s all hope that Alderson’s plan for re-making the Mets comes to fruition more quickly and more smoothly than Jack Zduriencik‘s one for rebuilding the Seattle Mariners. Five years in, he’s taken to the airwaves suggesting that he’ll need at least two more, and he’s gotten precious little to show for results so far.

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    1. Yes, though I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. He hasn’t exactly had a lot of success with moves aimed at improving the major league roster.


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