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Some Mets baseball cards from 1970

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Here are a few more of my weekend baseball card acquisitions, some popular Mets players from the 1970 Topps set. (My scanner doesn’t like the dot pattern they used that year.)

One of these days, I may actually achieve my goal of obtaining one of every regular issue Topps Mets card.

6 thoughts on “Some Mets baseball cards from 1970

  1. You’ll get there. I did. Leaving aside the Ryan and Seaver rookies, which I added later, and the always elusive and too expensive second year Ryan (which I only got last year–water damaged, but cheap), the tough one for me was the ’67 Wes Westrum. When I found that one, I was transported to levels of ecstasy that no one should ever get from collecting cardboard.


    1. I still need around 125 or so cards, mainly from 1962-1972, though I’m also missing a few recent gimmick short prints that I’m not sure that I really care to pursue.

      I’m lucky enough to have the 1968 & 1969 Ryan cards, although they are far from mint. The Seaver rookie is the most expensive one on the list,but most of the rest are from high number or semi-high number series.


      1. Whoops! Now that you mention it, it was the ’70 Ryan, not the ’69, that I bought water damaged. And I don’t count gimmick SPs–just the base cards, the real ones, from the actual Topps base sets (not Bowman, not Topps Total, not even my beloved Heritage). Since I started collecting in ’64, I was lucky to get a lot of my 60s-70s Mets in packs. But the late series never made it to my town, so I got most of my high numbers at shows. Its actually easier (if more expensive) these days with ebay. I remember the show I came across the Seaver rookie…for $17. I looked at the guy, quizically. “It looks like its been through a lawnmower,” he said to me. Didn’t look nearly that bad to me. Not mint, by any means, but not lawnmower bait. I’ve got those. I was thrilled to get it and he was thrilled to sell it. That sort of thing can happen for you, too. I’ve also explained to people that I love my Seaver rook just the way it is; its right there with the rest of my Mets while my Ryan rook is in a slab somewhere and I seldom ever see it.

        If your want list is posted (never looked for it before), I’ll bet I can knock a couple off your list. I know I’ve got some dupe hi number 65s, if nothing else. Of course there’s much to be said about the thrill of the chase. For real cards; I don’t chase chase cards.


      2. My wantlist is online, but I removed the link when I was cleaning up the header area after I switched the site theme.

        $17 for a presentable Seaver rookie is a steal. I agree with your thinking on the gimmick SPs, but I may eventually relent since they are technically numbered as part of the set.


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