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Some Newark Bears photos I never got around to posting

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Star Wars fan, NY Mets enthusiast, toy collector & amateur gardener. I like to take pictures & write things.

9 thoughts on “Some Newark Bears photos I never got around to posting

    1. Announced attendance was around 400 at this game. If I’d been sitting on the third base side, you might have seen clumps of people in the background.


      1. I worked there, so I know announced and actual are two different numbers. Couple nights early in the 2009 season we had turnstile counts of 47 & 59. Needless to say, the announced count was far larger–like closer to a thousand.

        So, please give me your best estimate, Paul, and tell me what you think the actual count was.

        Oh, and by the way, remember that “Owner for a Day” promotion? I put in for it and have never heard a word since. And there’s nothing on the website, either.


      2. The Can-Am League attendance counts are a lot closer to reality than at any of the Atlantic League stadiums I’ve been to. The announced 412 figure might have been a little generous, but it did look like there were at least 300 people scattered throughout the park. (I was not bored enough to actually count them.)


      3. Paul,

        Just a heads up that though the Can Am method of counting might be different from the Atlantic League, the numbers are generated by the home team.

        The Atlantic League Bears used to count the freebies they handed out even if they were never used, hence that 47 & 59 becoming far larger numbers.


      4. When we’re talking about crowds of 300-400 people, I don’t think freebie inflation is really something to worry about. 🙂


  1. I was there this weekend with a group for an event, and not counting our group there might have been an additional 75 people in the stadium. Our group was as large as the rest of the attendance. There really should be more people out on a Friday night.


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