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If no one was awake to see it, did it really happen?


I woke up to At Bat informing me of another Mets loss. After an almost four-hour rain delay, I ended up turning off my tv shortly after the game finally started. I imagine most others did too… so if nobody saw it, does this latest loss really count?

Today is the much-hyped debut of rookie pitcher Zack Wheeler, following Matt Harvey‘s afternoon performance in a day-night doubleheader. (Weather permitting, of course)

Let’s hope they have better luck.



Level 42 neutral good wizard. Live long and prosper. May the Force be with you. Let's go Mets!

3 thoughts on “If no one was awake to see it, did it really happen?

  1. Oh, it happened. I watched it. There was some discussion on Twitter of whether Gee should pitch the ninth, and I was totally for it. Even with what happened, I still am. But I also expected it to turn out the way it did. When I saw Heyward, Upton and Freeman due up in the ninth, I knew it probably wouldn’t end well…


    1. I actually support Terry Collins sticking with a starter for a change, even if it didn’t work out. And it looks like the Mets got their revenge in today’s scheduled games.


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