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A Lenny Randle autograph

Lenny Randle signed 1991 Wiz Mets card from my collection
Lenny Randle signed 1991 Wiz Mets card from my collection

Lenny Randle was traded to the Mets in 1977 following an altercation with Texas Rangers manager Frank Lucchesi, and he turned out to be one of the best players on the 98-loss team.

Arguably his most memorable Mets moment came as a result of circumstances outside of his control – Randle was at-bat when the lights went out at Shea during the 1977 New York City blackout.

I got this card signed through a private signing conducted by a SportsCollectors.Net member. It is the 861st addition to my all-time Mets roster autograph collection project.

4 thoughts on “A Lenny Randle autograph

  1. I was disappointed yesterday at the Bears game when NJ native and Fargo-Moorhead consultant/former pitcher Jeff Bittiger did not travel with the team. I had his 1989-90 White Sox Topps/Bowman cards for him to sign.

    Although Bittiger never pitched for the Mets, he was drafted by the Mets and developed by them around the same time as Billy Beane, Darryl Strawberry and Doc Gooden.


    1. Remember last year, when coaches Frank White and Kerry Ligtenberg found reasons not to make the trip to Newark with their teams?

      With the odd exception here and there, the Can-Am League is not very useful for autograph collectors.


  2. Yes, I remember planning for White and Lightenberg, and being disappointed but not surprised. You can add Al Bumbry to that list also, from when he was associated w/ the York Revolution.

    Kudos to former Pirate/Angel Ed Ott, who has been a longtime Can-Am presence. The league has also given us Bill Buckner, Tim Raines and Garry Templeton. We all wish Eric Gagne had stuck with the Capitales beyond 2009.


    1. I think I remember York being clearer that Bumbry was only going to be at home games, but it’s been a few years and I could be imagining things. And of course I’ve only seen Bud Harrelson in a Ducks road uniform once – at a playoff game in Camden.


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