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Autographed Ramon Castro baseball cards


Former Mets catcher Ramon Castro, now playing for the Long Island Ducks, signed these baseball cards for my collection before their game on Friday night. (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)




Star Wars fan, NY Mets enthusiast, toy collector & amateur gardener. I like to take pictures & write things.

2 thoughts on “Autographed Ramon Castro baseball cards

    1. The Ducks finally made their first-half appearance in Somerset this weekend. Last night, the Ducks officially knocked the Patriots out of the race to give the first-half division title to Sugarland.

      Castro, Josh Barfield, Ian Snell and Ben Broussard were all good about signing autographs, though it didn’t appear to be something that Castro enjoyed all that much. (A pleasant change of attitude from Barfield – I saw him in Double-A last year, and he couldn’t be bothered.)

      Dontrelle Willis and Bill Hall were far less accommodating. I didn’t see either touch a pen.


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