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Photos of Anthony Recker pitching

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Anthony Recker, my New York Mets player of the game for June 30, 2013.



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4 thoughts on “Photos of Anthony Recker pitching

    1. I’d really be tempted to alternate the two catchers each game until one starts hitting well enough to claim the job or Travis d’Arnaud is ready to be promoted. But Terry Collins never met a proven veteran he wouldn’t waste at-bats on and John Buck was really awesome for those couple of weeks in April, so….


  1. I tip my Mets BP cap to you for staying for the whole game. My wife and I bailed, but that was partly because the heat and our hangovers weren’t getting along and we had plans to meet people in Manhattan. I just wish the Mets had made it a tougher decision for us.


    1. I think I must have been in a good mood from getting Matt Harvey’s autograph before the game started, but I never really considered leaving before it was over. (Relocating at various points because of sun or rain conditions, yes, but not actually leaving the ballpark.)


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