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Gonzalez Germen: destined to be a phantom Met?

Mets reliever Gonzalez Germen (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)
Mets reliever Gonzalez Germen (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

It looks like Gonzalez Germen will be joining the ranks of the phantom Mets, at least for a little while. After all, he couldn’t get into a 15-inning marathon game and Ike Davis is rumored to be coming back, so some one of the 13 pitchers on the Mets’ staff is probably out of luck.

As noted by Jason Fry of Faith and Fear In Flushing, nine players have appeared on the active roster for the Mets without ever appearing in a game: Jim Bibby, Randy Bobb, Billy Cotton, Jerry Moses, Terrell Hansen, Mac Suzuki, Justin Speier, Anderson Garcia and Ruddy Lugo. Germen would be the tenth.


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