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Cleveland (AL) All-Star Apple

The Cleveland (AL) baseball team All-Star apple in front of Topps’ Manhattan office (Photo credit: Straightcheeze)

I’ve personally seen ten of the 35 All-Star apple sculptures scattered throughout New York, but I don’t think I’ll get to many more of them. (I only expect to be in the city one more time before the All-Star Game.)

A reader sent in this shot of the Cleveland (AL) baseball team’s All-Star apple, one of the ones I haven’t seen.

What do you think of the All-Star apples? If you are in the New York area, have you made any special effort to look for them?

4 thoughts on “Cleveland (AL) All-Star Apple

  1. Yes, the Apples were hard to find. They are now gone only 2 days after the All-Star Game. Tourists will be very disappointed.


    1. The Washington Nationals Apple was still up on Wednesday. But I didn’t really expect (or want) to see them linger too long after the game. It was a fun little promotion – I wonder what they did with the sculptures afterwards


      1. Yes I saw the Dodgers and Giants Apples still at Grand Central. Will they be broight to a location so we could see them all together before auction?


      2. The Apples are mostly off display but nobody will say where they went. Then, they will get auctioned-off proceeds to go to Hurricane Sandy Relief and to Bryant Park. Each Apple will get at least $5000 !


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