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Home Run Derby Time

Today's Topps Lineup - HR Derby DSCN6831

The All-Star Game Home Run Derby has never been my favorite thing, but plenty of people will be watching tonight. Citi Field was already getting set up for it yesterday when I was there for the Futures Game – the Today’s Topps Lineup display featured all eight participants.

Here’s a better look at David Wright‘s card.

David Wright DSCN6832

6 thoughts on “Home Run Derby Time

  1. When I found out there’s be both a Met and an Oriole in the Home Run Derby, I said “Dammit! Now I’m going to have to watch the friggin’ thing”.

    …and by “watch” I mean let my Tivo record it and then fast-forward through most of it. For me it’s far too boring to watch in anything approximating real time.


    1. I may put it on for background noise while I do other things tonight, but I will probably just wait for someone to tell me how David Wright does.


    1. I’d be surprised – I checked the cards the Mets used for the lineup board against the ones that made it into last year’s update set, and they did not use the same pictures. I think the lineup board cards are created by the Mets, not Topps.


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