4 thoughts on “Matt Harvey asks New Yorkers about Matt Harvey

  1. This is funny. It kinda proves, in a way, that we baseball fans might focus too much on the stats and uniforms, and not enough on the faces. I’m as guilty as anyone.

    Two days after the NYM were eliminated in the 2006 NLCS vs. St. Louis, my wife, kids and I attended a festival in Flushing Meadow Park that Saturday. (Note: the park is walking distance from old Shea Stadium, to those who aren’t familiar).

    I, like all of you, was still hung over from the series defeat to the Cards. After the festival, we boarded the #7 train at Shea/Willets Point Station back to Manhattan. On our car, in street clothes and a Nike cap, was 2B Jose Valentin. My wife recognized him immediately; she told me and as a result, I was able to get his autograph…suddenly, unexpectedly. “You should be in Detroit [for the World Series], man!” I said to him, breathlessly. He nodded. It was a neat postscript to an otherwise crushing series defeat for me.


    1. Cool story about Jose Valentin.

      I think most of us focus on the uniform, and there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, individual players come and go (I think David Wright, Daniel Murphy, Jon Niese and Bobby Parnell are the last Mets left who played in Shea Stadium.)

      Until earlier this year, I definitely would have been among those who didn’t recognize Matt Harvey in street clothes. Even now, I probably would have played into the trick – who would expect Matt Harvey to go around asking people about Matt Harvey? (Now Rickey Henderson would be another story… )


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