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1973 NL Champion Mets Playing Cards

Mr-Met Card-back

The New York Mets partnered with Cesars Atlantic City to give away a deck of playing cards honoring the 1973 National League championship team to the first 25,000 fans attending the August 3rd game between the Mets and the Kansas City Royals.

I couldn’t make it to the game, so I had to resort to eBay to track down a set for my collection.

The cards are actually pretty nice, and feature everyone from the team’s stars to guys that everyone except for Howie Rose and Gary Cohen have mostly forgotten about.


K- Felix Millan
Q- 1973 Yearbook
J- George Stone
10- Dave Schneck
9- Tommy Moore
8- Ron Hodges
7- Eddie Yost
6- Wayne Garrett
5- Bob Miller
4- George Theodore
3- Bud Harrelson
2- Mr. Met
A- Tug McGraw


K- Cleon Jones
Q- NL Championship Ring
J- Willie Mays
10- Brian Ostrosser
9- Jim McAndrew
8- NL Championship Banner
7- Ken Boswell
6- Buzz Capra
5- Jim Fregosi
4- Joe Pignatano
3- Harry Parker
2- Jerry May
A- Tom Seaver


K- Rusty Staub
Q- NL Championship Flag
J- Craig Swan
10- John Milner
9- Duffy Dyer
8- Jim Gosger
7- Teddy Martinez
6- Phil Hennigan
5- Rich Chiles
4- Lute Barnes
3- Hank Webb
2-Rube Walker
A- Jon Matlack


K- Jerry Grote
Q- Shea Stadium
J- Ray Sadecki
10- Roy McMillan
9- Don Hahn
8- Yogi Berra
7- Ed Kranepool
6- John Strohmayer
5- Mr. Met
4- Jim Beauchamp
3- Bob Apodaca
2- Greg Harts
A- Jerry Koosman

3 thoughts on “1973 NL Champion Mets Playing Cards

  1. I didn’t know about this set. But, with Stork, Harts, Ostrosser, Lute Barnes and Strohmayer, I’ll have to add it to my list. Caesars did a card set earlier this year (during Spring Training) of the current team and the cards aren’t nearly as nice–the pictures are too small to begin with, though color. I’d be interested in knowing how many other sets they’ve done in the past as I think I’ve seen at least one other. Anybody got a big old Standard Catalog book hanging out? Thanks for posting this, Paul.


  2. Glad to see you are still posting with some regularity, Paul. A coworker of mine, a Six-Pack plan holder, had tickets that day vs. KC. He said he arrived early and there was no evidence of anyone handing out the card sets at his entrance (behind the bullpens and CF).

    My friend’s not a serious collector and wasn’t too disturbed, but I would’ve been. Did anyone else hear of this issue?


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