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Scorecard: Kazmir K’s 12 in first meeting with Mets

Scott Kazmir, the New York Mets’ one-time top pitching prospect, faced the team that originally drafted him on Friday night.

Kazmir struck out 12 in just six innings, earning the win.

For some reason, I decided to keep score of this inconsequential milestone.  Here’s my scorecard.



3 thoughts on “Scorecard: Kazmir K’s 12 in first meeting with Mets

  1. I took a ride up to Bridgeport last September with my son to watch the Sugarland Skeeters take on the Bluefish. Scott Kazmir signed a couple of cards for me. His ERA for the 2012 Skeeters was not impressive, nor was his WHIP, as I recall. I am somewhat surprised that he was able to parlay his Atlantic League experience into a Major League contract; good for him, was my thinking.

    The question I asked other Met fan friends after Friday was: Kazmir was available to every MLB team, including the Mets. Somehow the NYM front office thought RHP Shawn Marcum was a better option, for more money, than lefty Kazmir? Marcum was 1-9 this year, then injured and released. Kazmir is basking in the warmth of a 12 K/0 BB start against the team that drafted and traded him for underwhelming Victor Zambrano. I’m still scratching my head on that one.


  2. Any way you look at it, 12 strikeouts in six innings is an impressive feat. But keep in mind the hitters he faced: Eric Young Jr. and Daniel Murphy are the only established major leaguers, and it’s debatable if they should be starting every day.

    Shaun Marcum would have had more wins with a better lineup, and he pitched several really good games before getting hurt. (May 26: 7 innings, 2 runs, 12 strikeouts vs. Atlanta; June 8: 8 innings, 1 run, 7 strikeouts in a relief outing vs. Miami; June 26: 8 innings, 0 runs, 2 strikeouts vs. the White Sox)

    Especially when you try to pick guys off of the scrap heap, there’s a lot of “hoping for the best” that goes along with scouting and statistical analysis.


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