4 thoughts on “Congratulations Long Island Ducks

  1. Two best draws in the Atlantic League- Somerset and LI. I should have went to yesterday’s game. I wound up subjecting myself to the TKO Peyton Manning delivered on the Eagles yesterday. Denver looks unstoppable this year.

    I’m wondering two things about Somerset: will Lyle be back as manager emeritus?

    Which ex-Yankee will find a home there- either as a player or coach?

    LI usually signs former MLB players in off season.


    1. Seems like this is not going to be the year for any of the area football teams. My Giants are so bad, I’m very tempted to forget about the NFL until the Super Bowl. At least there’s still hockey.

      I expect Sparky Lyle will keep the manager emeritus gig as long as his presence brings in corporate sponsors and fans, and I don’t expect to see any coaching staff changes in Somerset.

      The peak time for Atlantic League signings is between the later stages of MLB spring training and a week or two before their season starts. I hope we don’t get any more fakeouts like we did with Vladimir Guerrero this year.


  2. I was able to get to both Games 4 and 5 of the Atlantic League Finals. Congratulations to the Ducks, who were clearly the hottest team in the postseason. But, I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the Ducks carrying a 63-77 regular season record past that of the Patriots, who finished 90-49 overall. Clean slate for all in the playoffs, I know, but still…


    1. I’m still trying to figure out how a team gets into the playoffs with a losing record for the year and both halves. But good job to the Ducks for winning when it counted. (The Eastern League playoffs went sort of the same way – the Trenton Thunder had a worse record than their playoff opponents, but took home the title.)


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