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Random Thoughts: Jim Leyland, the World Series & Yankees ticket prices

Jim Leyland announced Monday that he would not return as the Detroit Tigers’ manager in 2014. At age 68, he might be ready to retire from the game… or maybe he’ll find the “fire” and turn up in a dugout somewhere in a few years. I kind of hope that he does – Major League Baseball is just a little bit poorer without Leyland in uniform.

I hope that in some alternate universe, Leyland is getting his Detroit Tigers team ready to take on one of his old teams, the Pittsburgh Pirates. I wish I could watch that World Series, because the Boston Red Sox vs. the St. Louis Cardinals does nothing for me.

Carlos Beltran plays against the Mets in 2012 (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)
Carlos Beltran plays against the Mets in 2012 (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

I know a segment of Mets fans is rooting for the Cardinals so Carlos Beltran can finally get a World Series ring. Beltran is a great player, one of the best hitters in Mets history. But I can appreciate his skill without being willing to root for his team – still the home of 2006 nemeses Yadier Molina and Adam Wainwright.

I’m nominally rooting for the Boston Red Sox, because it would make my friend happy if they won. But rooting for the Red Sox since 2007 kind of feels like rooting for the Yankees North.

Meanwhile, the actual New York Yankees are demonstrating some common sense. The team announced Monday that they will cut ticket prices in some sections for 2014, and 96 percent of the ballpark will have ticket prices that either stayed the same or went down from this year’s costs. Maybe that will help slow the ticket sale declines…

Mets ticket prices are so complicated, I have no idea if they are going up or down next year. Both teams need to worry about putting a better product on the field.

One thought on “Random Thoughts: Jim Leyland, the World Series & Yankees ticket prices

  1. While I wouldn’t be broken-hearted if the Sox win (I lived the first 45-years of my life in New England), I almost always root for the N.L. team. And I’ve always respected the Cardinals. I won’t be rooting for Beltran just because he was a Met, though. I simply respect him as a player.
    Yeah, and too bad about Leyland hanging them up. He was a throwback, and the game will be poorer without him.


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