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Some 2013 Topps Update Series Mets baseball cards

I have not been in a store that sells baseball cards in a few weeks, so I had more or less overlooked the release of this year’s Topps Update series.

Fortunately, one of my friends gave me most of the Mets cards that are included in the basic series.

David Wright's Home Run Derby card
David Wright’s Home Run Derby card

I think this is the first year I’ve ever cared about any of the All-Star Game Home Run Derby cards Topps throws into the update series. (Then again, this summer was the first time in years I actually watched any portion of the Home Run Derby.)

Matt-Harvey-AS David-Wright-ASG

The mandatory All-Star Game cards are a bit cooler this year because of the game’s location, too. (Not cool enough for me to worry about chasing down the short-print variations, though.)

Juan-Lagares Zack-Wheeler-debut

Juan Lagares and Zack Wheeler both get official “Rookie Cards,” though I was hoping Lagares would get a cooler photo on his.


Although he’s now a Pittsburgh Pirate (for a few more days, anyway), Marlon Byrd finally gets his first (not counting an online-distribution only relic card featuring a piece of a Chicago Cubs jersey)


The Target-exclusive parallel version of Eric Young Jr.‘s first Mets baseball card. Young did get a cool photo, probably from his walk-off home run against the Kansas City Royals.

There are two more Mets cards in the update series base set: a second one for Zack Wheeler and one for Shaun Marcum.  I suppose I need to track them down at some point for completeness, along with the regular version of Young’s card.

Note: if you’re seeing the baseball card images with rounded corners, that’s because of the display theme of the blog – they have standard corners and have not been trimmed.

2 thoughts on “Some 2013 Topps Update Series Mets baseball cards

  1. It’s a shame its just a blog theme thing. I LOVE the rounded corners on the red-bordered EY. If it actually existed with red border AND rounded corners, I’d definitely buy a bunch.


    1. You could always try trimming them 🙂

      Actually, making rounded corners on the parallel version would be more interesting. (Though the cost to Topps probably is not worth it.)


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