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[Link] The Essentials: 2013 Mets Autographs

Collect the Mets ended the year with a look at “The Essential” Mets baseball cards from 2013’s 40+ sets. On Tuesday, the Mets autograph cards of 2013 were featured.

2013 was filled with new Mets autographs from the first days of the year all the way to the last.  Add in a few current stars (well, as much as the current team has stars) and loads of former favorites and you’ve got a pretty decent bunch of cards for one year.  Best of all, 2012′s prospect drought didn’t carry over to 2013.  Instead, we were treated to a bountiful prospect crop, so let’s start there.

I was fascinated to see how many different players were featured on autographed cards last year – my collecting interests and budget meant I only acquired a very small percentage of them. Here’s hoping I will be able to add to that number at some point in the future.

Collin Cowgill's 2013 Topps Update Chasing History autographed insert baseball card
Collin Cowgill’s 2013 Topps Update Chasing History autographed insert baseball card

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