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Trenton Thunder allow fans to name team’s next “bat dog”

(Trenton Thunder image)
(Trenton Thunder image)

We’re in the middle of what is expected to be the biggest snowstorm of the winter to date, but the Trenton Thunder are again offering fans a distraction from the weather.

The team is asking for fans to vote on the name of its next bat dog.

From the team’s press release:

Thunder fans submitted 1,164 different names during a 10 day name submission period. Thunder Management has selected the following eight finalists to be voted upon by the fans:

  • Slugger
  • Thor
  • Slider
  • Rookie
  • Mo
  • Scooter
  • (Inside the) Parker
  • Ace

Online voting will be open until 5 p.m. on Monday, January 27th.

In 2002, the Trenton Thunder introduced Chase as its first “bat dog,” who handled the responsibility of retrieving bats for the home team’s players during the first inning of each game.  From 2010 until last year when his health no longer permitted it, Chase shared the job with his son. Derby. The still-to-be-named puppy will make appearances at the ballpark this season and is expected to take on “bat dog” duties next year.

I’m partial to “Ace,” but please – anything but “(Inside the) Parker”.

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