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Mets baseball cards on the final 2014 Topps Series 1 checklist

While football fans are getting excited about the Super Bowl next week, baseball card collectors can look forward to the the arrival of Topps Series 1, marking the beginning of the baseball card collecting season.

For Mets fans, Topps did a better job this year than in 2013 – almost all of the players appearing in the Series 1 base set as Mets are still on the team. Highlights include “Rookie Cards” of Travis d’Arnaud and Wilmer Flores, even though most collectors probably won’t view as “true” rookie cards.

Zack Wheeler, David Wright, Nolan Ryan and Travis d’Arnaud are among the players who have signed autographs for this set.

Beckett Media has posted the full “final” checklist from Topps, and I’ve listed the New York Mets cards below:

Base Set

33 Matt Harvey
60 Jon Niese
86 Wilmer Flores
113 NL ERA Leaders (Kershaw/Fernandez/Harvey)
155 Daniel Murphy
174 Bobby Parnell
187 Justin Turner
248 Travis d’Arnaud
266 Zack Wheeler
304 Juan Lagares

Silk Cards
SC-19 Zack Wheeler
SC-51 Matt Harvey

Upper Class
UC-5 Matt Harvey
UC-31 David Wright

The Future Is Now
FN-10 Zack Wheeler
FN-11 Zack Wheeler
FN-12 Zack Wheeler

Topps All Rookie Cup Team
RCT-1 Tom Seaver

Before They Were Great
BG-19 Nolan Ryan
BG-27 Tom Seaver

1989 Topps Minis Die Cuts
TM-44 Matt Harvey

50 Years of the Draft
50YD-9 Darryl Strawberry

Power Player Code Cards
PP-83 Wilmer Flores

Trajectory Autographs
TA-DW David Wright
TA-DA Travis d’Arnaud

The Future Is Now Autographs
FNA-ZW1 Zack Wheeler
FNA-ZW2 Zack Wheeler
FNA-ZW3 Zack Wheeler

Before They Were Great Autographs
BGA-NR Nolan Ryan

The Future Is Now Autograph Relics
FNAR-ZW1 Zack Wheeler
FNAR-ZW2 Zack Wheeler
FNAR-ZW3 Zack Wheeler

Strata Signatures Autograph Relics
SSR-DW David Wright
SSR-TD Travis d’Arnaud

Trajectory Relics
TR-ZW Zack Wheeler

Upper Class Relics
UCR-MH Matt Harvey

The Future Is Now Relics
FNR-ZW1 Zack Wheeler
FNR-ZW2 Zack Wheeler
FNR-ZW3 Zack Wheeler

Before They Were Great Relics
BGR-NR Nolan Ryan
BRG-TS Tom Seaver

In The Name Relics
ITN-MH Matt Harvey

Manufactured Relics
Topps All Rookie Cup Team Rookie Cup Relics
TARC-1 Tom Seaver

Topps Rookie Cup All Stars Rookie Cup Relics
RCAS-10 Darryl Strawberry
RCAS-11 Dwight Gooden

Class Rings
CR-15 Nolan Ryan

Retail Manufactured Commemorative Patch Cards
CP-21 Matt Harvey
CP-22 David Wright

Retail Rookie Card Manufactured Patch Image Cards
RCP-18 Matt Harvey
RCP-20 Dwight Gooden

Hobby Store Promotion Spring Fever Autograph Cards
SFA-WF Wilmer Flores

Gary Carter cards (all as a Montreal Expo)
Upper Class UC-44
Upper Class Autographs UCA-GC
Upper Class Autograph Relics UCAR-GC
Topps Rookie Cup All Stars Rookie Cup Relics RCAS-5 (Manufactured Relic)

Right now, my plan is to snag the base team set on eBay and see if I can get a Travis d’Arnaud autograph at a bargain price. This will be the first year since I got back into baseball card collecting in 2001 that I don’t buy any packs, but money is tight enough that I can’t justify spending any on cards that don’t fit in my collection.

Are you excited about the pending arrival of the first baseball cards of 2014? What are your collecting plans this year?

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2 thoughts on “Mets baseball cards on the final 2014 Topps Series 1 checklist

  1. I dunno. I think I’d rather have a Dice-K Mets card in Series 1. Even if he signs with someone else. And Grandy. They could have gotten Grandy in Series 1 (as a Met) if they wanted to. Heck, I think they did a better job of getting the new guys on cards back in the old, old, old days. I don’t think they even try anymore. I think they figure that’ll bring more interest to Series 2. But the joke’s on them. I’ve always bought a couple boxes of the Series 1 flagship. Not this year. I’ll just get the team set off eBay. It’d be exciting to open packs in February to pull a Grandy Met. Justin Turner? Not so much.


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