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Sandy Alderson, comedian

Sandy Alderson at a Fans for the Cure event with Ed Randall (Photo credit:
Sandy Alderson at a Fans for the Cure event with Ed Randall (Photo credit:

New York Mets general manager Sandy Alderson at Saturday night’s Baseball Writers Association of America dinner at the New York Hilton, referring to the convergence of the Mets’ and New York Yankees’ off-season plans last week.

“We each signed Japanese pitchers this week .They’re paying $155 million and we’re paying our guy month to month.”

(As reported by the New York Daily News)

I think Alderson might find more job satisfaction in stand up comedy than working for the Wilpon family.

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2 thoughts on “Sandy Alderson, comedian

  1. Yay! We signed Dice-K! That truly makes me happy! It really does! All the malcontents can complain all they want. 79 wins, 88 wins, 100 wins, 67 wins. Whatever. I’m a Mets fan. I’m old enough to remember when we won 40 games. I loved them then. I love them now. And I’ll still love them tomorrow. And next year. And the year after that. How’s that Cubs rebuilding plan going, huh? Same debate is going on in that town. And the same naysayers pop up to say “Who gives a rats patootie about the farm system, buy some free agents already”. And those people are what we like to call wrong. The Mets plan is in place and proceeding well. If you can’t see it, you lack either patience or vision or both. Now Dice-K is no part of that plan, just a placeholder, but I honestly think he can help the Mets this year. We caught a flaw in his delivery last year and the difference between those early godawful starts and those later pretty good starts was the difference between Dice-K pitching wrong and Dice-K pitching right. Plus, maybe we’ll get a Topps card of Dice-K as a Met. That would make my summer much nicer.

    Anyway, we finished third last year with 74 wins. I’m going to be positive–its still January for crap sake–and say we finish at .500…probably still third, maybe second, but .500. Would that make you happy, William? Would you cut Sandy some slack, then? Yeah, didn’t think so.


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