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Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs unite baseball & bacon

New Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs Saturday home jersey and cap (team photo)
New Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs Saturday home jersey and cap (team photo)

The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs think baseball and bacon are a perfect combination.

At every Saturday home game this year, the Philadelphia Phillies’ Triple-A affiliate will wear red jerseys with a “Pigs” logo, underlined with a strip of bacon. The cap logo will be a strip of bacon. And the pants will also be “bacon-enriched,” the first in baseball to feature a logo design within the piping.

Fans who just can’t get enough bacon will also be able to purchase “scratch & sniff” t-shirts from the team’s gift shop that are based on the new design. For more information, visit

If we were anywhere near April 1st, I would not be posting this – I’d think it was an April Fool’s Day item. But maybe I’m just no fun – what do you think of the Iron Pigs’ new bacon-inspired uniform?

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7 thoughts on “Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs unite baseball & bacon

  1. I will not be buying ANY of this stuff. The cap logos look like my cats on heroin.

    This is just another instance of the team trying to sell more merchandise aka the Reading Fightin Phils, Akron Rubber Ducks. Lehigh Valley is the top draw in the league so attendance is clearly not an issue, unlike Scranton, who had to reinvent themselves due to the incompetence of the previous regime that was there.

    I never thrilled with the Ironpigs name from the beginning- I would have preferred the Black Diamonds after the old Atlantic League team that didn’t work out.

    I have my road jersey which says LEHIGH VALLEY on the front. It works for me since i had a lot of great times in the area long before the Ironpigs existed.


  2. When I first saw the cap, I thought “That’s a pretty ugly hat”.

    …But I’ll admit, my second thought was of several friends of mine who would love it.

    This stuff is getting a bit out of hand, but I’m generally OK with goofy uniforms so long as the teams in question provide the traditionally-minded fans with jerseys/hats/shirts to wear in support of the team.


  3. I have to say that I love bacon as many people do, and probably moreso than some, and I kind of like the marketing idea behind this, as I would suspect that many non-baseball fan bacon lovers will probably buy this hat, but it just seems like too blatant of a ploy for me to get fully behind it.


    1. I’m not a fan of grey caps, either. My bigger objection is that the bacon strip does not tie in with the main logo or uniform in any way.

      Lehigh Valley isn’t quite as bad as the split personality Reading Fightin Phils, who play road games with “Baseball Town” written across the chest of uniforms in a completely different color scheme than the one they wear as “Fightin Phils” at home… but I believe teams should build a brand and stick with it.


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