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2014 Topps Heritage Mets team checklist

This year’s Topps Heritage set was originally scheduled to be released today, but it’s been pushed back a week.

The Mets have 15 players and manager Terry Collins in the main set. Thanks to the magic of digital image manipulation, we’ll see the first Mets cards of new acquisitions Bartolo Colon and Curtis Granderson, though Granderson’s card is one of two shortprints.

Even though he didn’t pitch at all in 2013 and was a free agent this off-season, Johan Santana is on the Heritage checklist as a Met. I would have rather seen Chris Young or Daisuke Matsuzaka in that spot.

For more details about the set and the full checklist, visit Sports Collectors Daily.

Here are the Mets:

2014 Topps Heritage
87 Daniel Murphy
93 Jenrry Mejia
147 Johan Santana
168 Ike Davis
186 Jon Niese
187 Terry Collins
199 Jeremy Hefner
221 Bartolo Colon
284 David Wright (portrait image)
284 David Wright (action image)
284 David Wright (blue border)
308 Mets Rookies: Travis d’Arnaud / Wilmer Flores
318 Dillon Gee
374 Rookies: Wilfredo Tovar / Mauricio Robles (Phillies)
382 Bobby Parnell
424 Zack Wheeler
490 Matt Harvey (short print)
490 Matt Harvey (logo variation)
497 Curtis Granderson (short print)

1965 Bazooka inserts
65B-DW David Wright
65B-MH Matt Harvey

New Age Performers inserts
NAP-MH Matt Harvey

1965 MLB Draft inserts

65MLB-NR Nolan Ryan

1965 Giant Baseball Players Box Loader
DW David Wright

And here’s the stuff you’re not likely to see unless you watch eBay like a hawk:

1965 Topps Embossed inserts
12 David Wright

1965 Baseball Cut Signatures
HCS-NR Nolan Ryan
HCS-TS Tom Seaver

Patch Book Cards
PBC-DW David Wright

1965 Giant Baseball Players Box Loaders Relics
DW-R David Wright

1965 Mint relic insert cards
65M-DW David Wright
65M-MH Matt Harvey
65M-YB Yogi Berra

1965 US Postal Stamp Relics
65US-YB Yogi Berra

My plan is to buy the standard Mets team set on eBay and make sure I get Curtis Granderson’s card even though it’s a shortprint. I will try to pick up some of the other “fun” cards and a version of the Matt Harvey shortprint somewhere down the road if I have more money to spend.

Are you looking forward to this year’s Topps Heritage release? Are you going to collect it?

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5 thoughts on “2014 Topps Heritage Mets team checklist

  1. Yeah, I plan on collecting Topps Heritage again this year, as I have since they first started coming out in what, 2000? Those short-prints are always a major challenge.


    1. I never seriously attempted anything beyond the Mets team set, and thanks to the shortprints I’m not even sure how many of those I actually finished.

      I used to buy retail packs/boxes to get cards to use for autographs, but I’ve gotten away from that in recent years.


  2. I love, love, love Heritage. Best set of the year, every year. And with the ’65 design? It don’t get no better. Plus, the Topps scans look like maybe they went to the old style card stock and semi-gloss this year (you can’t tell from the Wright, but check around for the Fielder, Bautista and Kershaw). If they did, some autograph collectors may not like it, but I’ll be in heaven.

    There’s no excuse for Santana being in the set. Even Hefner. I’d have given Scott Rice a card and Dice-K (or, heck, even Carlos Torres or Anthony Recker…as a pitcher, of course). Or even Lagares, who I can’t stand and who was in regular Topps; at least that would make sense. And thanks for spelling out the full names on the rookie cards. I had seen a checklist that just had “Tovar/Robles” and I knew Hansel couldn’t be in the set under MLB rules, but that’s who I thought it was.


    1. It’s a shame that Scott Rice didn’t get a baseball card in his rookie season… I don’t like the odds of it ever happening now.

      As an autograph collector, I’d have no problem with them using period appropriate cardstock & gloss. Until Topps introduced the Stadium Club brand in the early 1990s & everybody went over to the high-gloss finish, the only cards that you couldn’t get signed were the old Kelloggs & Sportsflics because of the plastic coating they used to achieve the special effects.

      I’m looking forward to the 2016 Topps Heritage set – 1967 is one of my favorite Topps set designs.


  3. In past years, I’ve bought Heritage until… well, until I didn’t. This year, I decided a while ago to buy a factory set of 2014 Topps and use Heritage for the bulk of my pack opening entertainment this year. I also would normally sell my non-Mets short prints on COMC, but I’m going to hang on to this year’s. I’ll also try to collect all the Mets and Orioles inserts which don’t fall into the “watch eBay like a hawk” category.

    I may be in trouble from here on out. The sets that have been “Heritaged” to this point have been spotty on whether or not I like them, but I’m going to have at least some fondness for the Heritage design for the next… umm… sixteen years. Yikes!


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